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5 Step to Fix Your Undetected Controller

16 Mei 2019   10:22 Diperbarui: 16 Mei 2019   10:38 0 0 0 Mohon Tunggu...

"This game suck, it can't detect my controller!!"
"What wrong with my controller, it's won't work!!"
"It settled! I never again bought a game from this develop!!"

~Those sentence are often made by people that frustrated about their controller unable detected by a game that their want to play. I can blame them, it's because their never find this amazing blog before that can give you some trick to make those Sentence gone forever....

in this section I will give you step by step with picture "How to make your game detect your Controller" let's get started..

1. Prepare your desired game, in this tips I will use Fairy Fencer F, Adept Dark Force for example

2. Extract the game file and wait until it finished 

3. After that, open the game folder and run the "Setup.exe" and wait until the game finished Install 

4.In game folder after installing, there is a file have same name with the game we installed and the extension is   .ini , open that file with notepad. 

5. In that file you must find text "Legacyinput" and need to change the value from "0"  to "1" and klik save after that.. 

Now your controller is Ready....