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Boost Your Construction Enterprise with United Tractors Range of Komatsu Heavy Machinery

14 Agustus 2023   09:46 Diperbarui: 14 Agustus 2023   10:00 69
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United Tractors, based in Jakarta, stands out as a dependable heavy equipment distributor essential for construction projects due to its range of high-quality construction heavy equipment.

United Tractors offers a diverse array of heavy equipment products, catering to various purposes, from the smallest to the largest equipment.

A Variety of Construction Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment designed for the construction sector serves to streamline fieldwork and reduce project expenses. These equipment types are crafted to serve distinct functions.

Consider the bulldozer, which is instrumental in tasks such as leveling, excavation, and stockpiling of materials like soil, sand, and rocks. Another example is the wheel loader, facilitating the short-distance transfer of materials between locations or equipment. This includes transferring materials from a wheel loader to trucks for further processing.

The motor grader plays a key role in leveling newly opened areas, mixing soil, and conducting excavations. Finally, the excavator, a versatile heavyweight in construction projects, is prized for its roles ranging from digging to land clearance.

Highly Regarded Komatsu Heavy Equipment from United Tractors

One of the prominent offerings is the Komatsu D85ESS-2, a straight tilt dozer known for its substantial productivity. Equipped with a large-angle blade, robust design, special lock torsion, and lower flat frame, this dozer caters to construction, forestry, and mining sectors.

The Komatsu WA150/ WA200, a wheel loader boasting a dual-mode engine power select system and Traction Control System, is another notable product. It serves well in construction, mining, and agriculture, while also excelling in fuel efficiency.

Designed for plantation areas, mining, and land leveling, the Komatsu GD535, weighing 13,820 kilograms, exhibits impressive productivity. Its economical and eco-friendly nature is evident in its long wheelbase, short turning radius, and efficiency in the role of a motor grader.

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