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Determine your Heart! Prefer Homeschooling or Public School

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Determine your Heart! Prefer Homeschooling or Public School

Homeschooling is a way of providing education to children whose families choose to be responsible for themselves. 

Meanwhile, public schools are like schools in general whose children are entrusted by the school and the teachers are at the school.
Homechooling and public schools have their own disadvantages and advantages. Homechooling has the following advantages:
1. Can use more adequate rest time
2. Parents can be more supervising
3. Children get adequate rest
4. Can further explore the talents he has
5. Have plenty of time for family
6. Avoid bad associations

Meanwhile, public schools have the following advantages:
1. Can have many relationships
2. Train our way of socializing
3. More openness of our thinking about the outside world
4. Know more about fashion
5. Have more friends

Of the advantages above, it must also have a drawback. The disadvantages of homescholling are:
1. The cost is quite expensive
2. Can not get along with people like in general schools
3. Lack of relationships
4. Difficult to get along with
5. Can trigger introverts
6. Be shocked by the outside world

Meanwhile, public schools also have disadvantages, namely:
1. Less focus of the lesson on our interests
2. We are forced to understand all the prepared material
3. Lack of time with family because they are busier
4. Easier to be influenced by associations

Well, the data above is my knowledge about homeschooling and public schools, which are also accompanied by the advantages and disadvantages that I know.

For that, before you (the readers)decide which one that you want to choose, either homeschooling or public school, as if you see the talents and abilities you have.

This is done so that you can position yourself according to your interests and talents.

What is certain is that if you are the one who likes new experiences you may not deserve homeschooling. Meanwhile, if you prefer to study alone and are more focused on your own, you are more deserving of going to homeschooling, not going to public schools.

So once again set your own desires, find out what you want and follow your heart. Because the two ways of education are not bad when they are able to sort out which one is suitable for them.