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A Special Study Experience in Indonesia, Experience in Entrepreneurship

28 Februari 2019   22:06 Diperbarui: 28 Februari 2019   22:52 6 0 0 Mohon Tunggu...

As an international student from China, going to university in Indonesia has brought me a lot of different life experiences. I not only felt in Indonesia this country to bring my enthusiasm, I also felt here as well as the unique atmosphere of the class curriculum. One of the things I am particularly impressed with is the entrepreneurship class in a semester. This is what I have never heard of in China.

Entrepreneurship class is to let us as a team to "create a company" as a unit, and then sell the product or service. In my opinion, the contrast of Chinese universities focuses on theoretical education, and the universities here are more practical. So when I was in this class, I felt very novel. After the company was formed with the team members, we officially started our "business".

We started from the division of labor, created the name, and determined that the product started our company. The next step is to advertise our company and start selling our products. At the end of that semester  we settled, we were pleasantly surprised to find that our efforts ended up with results that made us happy even without making much money.

If I want to summarize my entrepreneurial class, I will say that this is a very exciting experience in my life. Through this course, we learned that the process of starting a business is not easy. I believe it will be a while before we entered the companies to start our work. I am also very grateful to  President  University for providing such a course that has made my university life more colorful than my Chinese friends.

I am grateful to this colorful Indonesian study abroad life for bringing a different experience to my life. Thanks also to the President University for having such an interesting course that I have learned a different kind of knowledge.