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Does Instructional Media Using Google Classroom is Effective?

3 Mei 2021   21:54 Diperbarui: 4 Mei 2021   09:27 40 1 0 Mohon Tunggu...
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Does Instructional Media Using Google Classroom is Effective?

AM Azliyah Bukhari

Student of S1 Statistic Universitas Muhammadiyah Semarang (UNIMUS)

       Google classroom is a free web service developed by Google, one of the benefits of which is used as an online learning application. Lecturers and students who use this application can learn online through each student's computer and cellphone which allows the creation of classrooms in cyberspace.

      First of all, google classroom is widely used as an online learning media where using this media can help students find or overcome learning difficulties, give lessons and create assignments without having to attend class and directly save time and money. The use of google classroom also makes it easier for lecturers to present material and makes it easier for students to collect assignments. In my opinion, for the implementation of learning using Google Classroom, students are required to be able to use Google Classroom media in order to access it. 

      In addition, you must also have the online learning support tool itself. I think that not all students know how to use the media because of the limited learning support tools using Google Classroom such as, not all students have high capacity laptops or smartphones so that they are able to install Google Classrom, the internet which must be adequate.

        To sum up, I believe this shows that the use of Google Classroom is effective with various limitations which are in line with the research results from the journal I read entitled The Effectiveness Of Google Classroom As An Instructional Media: A Case Of State Islamic Institute Of Kendari, Indonesia (2019) where not all students get an explanation of what is given by the lecturer because they do not have a smartphone, then Wi-Fi availability on campus is limited and students do not have sufficient cellular data packages during online discussions and even some students submit their assignments using the accounts of their friends.