Earth's Big Threat Under Global Warming

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Earth's Big Threat Under Global Warming

Global warming is the most important concern for us. Since the world has welcomed the globalization era, many things have developed from the traditional system. Of course, the energy, electricity, and gasses that the industry use will pollute the environment as their emission. Actually, what we feel now is the impact from what we do before.

Thousands of years ago people very careful about their environment, but what happened today is the inverse of what they did before. Many reasons happen behind the phenomena of global warming. It may come from people behavior or natural reason. In daily life, almost all people use private transportation as the media for them to go somewhere. They are not considering the impact of what they use. For example, emission carbon monoxide from mobile and motorcycle is one of the gasses that can cause global warming. Moreover, the usage of air condition and refrigerator that release CFC also get higher today. Besides that, when the volcano erupted, it releases volcanic ashes which become the pollutant in the atmosphere. All of that gasses are very dangerous to the earth.

Earth's temperature is the indicator to identify the global warming around the world. If the amount of solar enter the earth is same as the amount reflect the atmosphere, the earth temperature will balance. In case of global warming, the solar that comes to the earth is greater than the amount that reflects the atmosphere. This situation causes earth become hotter in some part of the earth surface.

Previously, greenhouse effect takes big benefit to earth as the balancer of the earth temperature. It manages gasses to enter and left atmosphere with the same amount, so animal, human, and the plant can exist on earth. However, today there is increasing the number of gasses in the atmosphere. As the result, solar that come to earth cannot be reflected the atmosphere or we can say that the solar is trapping in the earth. Since the increase of solar in the earth, the temperature also gets higher. Continuously, the earth will have climate change dramatically.

There are so many effects that happen today because of global warming. First, in 1981 the mountain in Alaska wrapped by snow; however, it has melted today and become water. Second, polar ice also melts and causes the increase of sea level. Last, global warming also causes shorter rain periodic which can lead to long drought. In Indonesia, Nusa Tenggara Timur has been suffering from many years ago which make them difficult to find fresh water and continue their activities as farmers.

Earth very needs our help and commitment to solving this problem of global warming. People can do many small things to decrease the effect of global warmings, such as using energy-efficient appliances, turn off the lamp in the day, speak to others, etc. Just imagine if we ignore it today, what will happen in future? Are we can still live on the earth? Finally, let's do change from now to better future and the better life.