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Are Students Learning Styles Influenced by Factors Themselves or The Environment?

4 Mei 2021   11:24 Diperbarui: 4 Mei 2021   11:38 62 3 0 Mohon Tunggu...

Learning style is a way that we prefer to do activities to think, process, and understand information. Learning style is very important to note because it can affect students' learning style of academic performance. Knowledge of the learning style in the student is important for the teacher or the student himself. Some research shows that students learning activities in higher education are influenced by many factors at the school level. This includes the quality of teachers, textbooks, on-duty time, and facilities in schools such as teaching aids and technology.

First of all, I think the learning style of students is necessary to pay attention to the teacher and the student itself because each student has advantages and disadvantages, as well as a preference for how information is processed differently to each student. Knowing the student's learning style will make it easier for teachers to provide an environment that supports and makes it easier for students to absorb information to the fullest. In addition to knowing the student's learning style, the teacher must also know his learning style so as not to misunderstand responding to the student's learning methods to help facilitate students when learning.

Based on the articles that I have been reviewed or read, factors that influence the style of learning are the attitude of students before and after class, strategies used to understand lectures, the importance of lectures, class size and conditions, efforts outside the classroom, comfortable classes, and important to listen to lectures. In short, this discovery suggests that learning style activities affect students' academics.

In conclusion, that the student's learning style towards academics is influenced by the attitude of the student itself when attending the class, the quality of the teacher, and others. I agree with that because each method of teaching depends on the way or style of learning of the student himself and his teacher. This research can help the school in creating and supporting the learning environment to improve the academic of its students.