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Find Your Experience in Kampung Keramik Dinoyo

22 September 2022   13:44 Diperbarui: 22 September 2022   14:04 75 2 0
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Malang city is not only famous for its natural beauty. But there are also handicrafts that are already popular everywhere. His name is Dinoyo Ceramic Art. One of the crafts that have been produced so far, even though life seems reluctant to die, still doesn't want to. Residents of Dinoyo Ceramic Village continue to develop various types of ceramics to be sold to various big cities in Indonesia. 

The big cities are Makassar, Papua, and the whole province of Java. This Dinoyo ceramic village has not been able to export and import because there is no willingness to export or do not know how.The process of making ceramics requires four main ingredients, namely binders, smelters, fillers, and additives. Kaolin, fire clay, ball clay, and red clay are the binders needed for the manufacture of ceramics. 

As for the smelting material, craftsmen usually use lime and fespal. As fillers, craftsmen use silica and samot, as well as talc, water glass, and pyrophyllite as additives. Although it has quite a lot of main ingredients, the material that is often used is kaolin, therefore, kaolin is often sought after by ceramic craftsmen.

      A ceramics craftsman in Dinoyo Malang, making ceramics that will be marketed to a number of major cities, including Makassar or Papua.

The main material for making ceramics that is often used is white clay. "This clay is a type of white clay or Provence ceramics whose soil is taken from the mountains, precisely in South Malang, in Blitar, Tulungagung, and Trenggalek. White clay tends to be at a height and contains kaolin", said Pak Agung during a visit to the exhibition on 27 August 2022. 

During a visit to the exhibition, Pak Agung and his colleagues demonstrated the making of ceramics from clay to paintings. Numerous ceramic products are produced, including jars, piggy banks, glasses, plates, flower vases, teapots, ashtrays, drinking bottles, flower pots, and many more items. 

The ceramics range in price from 10,000 to 200,000. For those who want to visit, the ceramic village also offers tour packages; prices range from 35 000 to 70 000. The daily hours of operation for this tour package are 8:00 and 15:00.

Photo by: Arjuna
Photo by: Arjuna

Photo by: Arjuna
Photo by: Arjuna

Some completed and marketable ceramic goods

The surrounding community in Malang City should make the ceramic village as a place of education, where it is hoped that the community can love domestic products which aim to later increase the production of the ceramic industry in Malang City and promote Dinoyo ceramic products in Malang City to the wider community and internationally. 

In addition, it can increase exports and imports of ceramics abroad, with this foreign currency exchange can occur which has an impact on creative economic activities and also increases the country's foreign exchange.

Not only that, there are also many foreign tourists who visit just to learn to make ceramics. So that's one of the benefits for the people there, because they can provide tour packages as well as education at a slightly high price. Because foreigners never mind if they have to pay a large amount for learning.

So because it develops and is beneficial for people in the country and abroad. The government supports this tour to continue. But maybe as a suggestion, this place should be more beautified around the road, whether the road ornaments or something else.

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