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Contoh Speech Bahasa Inggris"Youth Devotion in The Creative Economy"

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Contoh Speech Bahasa Inggris"Youth Devotion in The Creative Economy"
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Assalamualaikum wr wb,

Alhamdulillahi robbil 'alamin, wabihinasta'inu 'ala umuriddunnya waddin, assholatu wassalamu 'ala ashrofil anbiya'i walmursalin, sayyidina wamaulana muhammadin, wa'ala 'alihi washohbihi ajmain amma ba'du

Excelency to Mr. Imam Taufiq as the rector of Walisongo State Islamic University, Respectable to all the lectures, Honorable all of the adjudicators, 

Honorable all of the comittee, Ladies n Gentleman,

First of all, i would like to say thank you very much to the greatest Lord Allah swt for his blessing n mercies so that we can attend this meeting in a good condition.

Secondly, may sholawat n salam always be given to our prophet Muhammad saw, may Allah bless him, his family n his friends,
And i dont forget to say thankyou very much for giving me time to deliver my speech.

Ladies and Gentleman,

The creative economy is a concept in a new economic era that intensifies information and creativity by relying on ideas and knowledge from human resources as the main factor of production. The potential of the creative economy in indonesia shows a significant increase every year. the question is, who is suitable to run this sector? 

So ladies and gentleman, here standing in front of you all, i would like to deliver my speech under the tittle is "Youth devotion in the creative economy"

Ladies and Gentleman,

The answer to the previous question is already in the title. Yeah that's right, the answer is the youth. The youth is the one of the valuable assets for a nation.  The youth are very suitable to run this sector because they have a creative, inovative, open minded and passionate nature that really helps the development of the creative economy in indonesia. 

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