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...melahap dunia menjadi pertandingan sepakbola penuh suporter yang siap membunuh jika papan skor tak sesuai selera... (homicide)




Yours Truly: Angin Segar di Tengah Carut-Marutnya Pocong di Bioskop Nasional

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Yours Truly: Angin Segar di Tengah Carut-Marutnya Pocong di Bioskop Nasional
Yours Truly - Online Premiere[16-23-16]

Sinopsis: Todi, a young man who lives alone and hardly socialize at all, works in a flower shop called "Yours Truly". The shop provide a flower delivery services with the message that can be sang. Being an introvert and rigid, while working as a message singer, Todi actually wish to be more outgoing and affable in nature. Until one day, Todi deliver an order to Kayla, a talkactive and friendly beautiful woman. From that moment, there is a immediate attraction between the two. As they get closer, the nightmare begins.

Release Date: 14th February 2011 [UPDATE!] Re-scheduled to 28th Feb 2011

Genre: Psychological Horror/Thriller, Short Film

Studio: Lucky Beanie Pictures & Cine et Cetera

About: 'Yours Truly' is an indie psycho-horror Short Film.

Description: 'Yours Truly' is a short film directorial debut of wifey-hubby, Elvira Kusno and Ian Salim. Our 'die-hard' Team Members: Director of Photography: Fredy Wijaya Sound: Yusuf Ilyas Edited by: Elvira Kusno Line Producer: Ari Anastasia CHR Make-up: Nonie Alexandra Eve Stills (Behind the Scene): Adit Sastradipradja, Andhika Wibisana Music Scoring: Albert Juwono Associate Producer: Mimi Kwok Poster photography by: Fredy Wijaya

Starring: Todi Pandapotan, Kyla Pisita White, Cecep Reza

Directed By: Elvira Kusno & Ian Salim

Written By: Elvira Kusno

Screenplay By: Elvira Kusno & Ari Anastasia CHR

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