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Need rof Revitalization of System Control and Law Enforcement Protection and Preservation Efforts in Coral Reefs Islan in The District Selayar

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Since the establishment of Coremap Pase I (first) until Coremap pase II (two) in Islands District Selayar, various programs have been prepared in line with national policy directions in order to rescue coral reefs. The policy direction is then a reference in execution of the program, then as part of a rehabilitation program location and rescue of coral reefs in the islands district Selayar Coremap program and then executed.Although in the end society Selayar asked if this program was limping so that the results far from satisfactory. Before we talk about reingkarnasi vicious cycle that devastated the program, we invite to see the implementation of programs in the district Coremap Selayar archipelago.

As we all know that Coremap II in the current phase of the program has reached the stage of Institutional, therefore addressing the realities on the ground, especially in the District Selayar archipelago, the most significant and must be evaluated on a large scale is in the pattern of institutional oversight and enforcement applied. There is a need revitalization and law enforcement supervision system because if we talk about translation Coremap program, the program budget that spends billions of dollars this year, being not on target, vacuum and not reach the target due to dilapidation and law enforcement supervision system.

Unlike when you are asked to implementing their program will answer that the program is running and you will be disclosed arrangement that purportedly based on data from research results. But if you ask the ordinary people, especially fishermen, then the out-put of the program implemented over a decade of this result is Nil. Even rehabilitation and penyalamatan done can be said to fail, it would not be seen from the administrative mechanism but in the end result which is a goal that is implemented safety programs and the preservation of coral reefs in the archipelago Selayar district. The fact is that destructive fishing is not decreased and even increased, community awareness program to be irrelevant to a growing public confidence slumped against executing the program, supervision that does not run, overlapping law enforcement, marine protected areas (DPL), which was limited to zonaisasi area, as well as program alternative livelihoods is only a spending program budget and quota fulfillment programs.
As we all know that the policy direction Coremap program for this is resulting in public awareness to take active steps to preserve the coral reefs. However, these programs then become the wind, because the system of monitoring and enforcement that are not running as it should have given birth bad imagery. Society does not believe in executing the program, people are seeing by eyes that when they intend to keep the coral reef environment around them, they instead witnessed in front of the eyes, an outsider to come do it with greater intensity, greater damage, organized and even terbackupactivities. Here comes what we call the vicious circle of a circle formed by the characteristics of hidden elements irresponsible, abuse of office and authority that continues over time and damage the program in totality. Who was born and awakened consciousness then quickly turned off by bad imaging elements, selective law enforcement, involvement of actors in the system, backup illegal activities and so forth.
Let us return briefly recalled Speed Boat Taka Lamongan district Selayar Islands in 2003. The perpetrators of bombers and Islands district Selayar tranquilizer called it the "White Ghost". At this speed boat operates quantity of illegal activity dropped dramatically, many perpetrators are caught, formed harmonization between executing programs with police officers joined in the MCS Coremap. Increasing public enthusiasm for the program, even many actors who choose to stop and look for alternative employment itself. The program is running, supervision and law enforcement went by the presence of the ghost white. But this speed boat then stopped because it must be returned by reason of the relatively high operating costs. And with the output that is feasible given the project to be maintained.

Please note that the Circle of Satan has existed since then, due to the operation of Taka Lamongan district Selayar islands that caught many actors, many actors who no longer get huge profits from illegal activities at sea, this incident disturbing and almost decided chain vicious circle. Finally they make an effort with how to structure problems so that the boat should be returned, parked his speed boat on a choppy area west hard all season, resulting in damage and needs huge funds to repair, a white ghost in the end lost in the district and islands Selayar vicious cycle back bereingkarnasi formed even today.
Reingkarnasi are then gave birth to degradation in the aspects of monitoring and enforcement. One of the most ironic example is the event at the beginning of 2010 in which ship-Owned Department of Fisheries and Maritime & Islands District Selayar KM.Tanadoang caught by patrolling rangers in the national park area Takabonerate who allegedly used for illegal fishing activities, actors had to undergo the legal process, but then aground in the middle of the road. . Staff at the Department of Fisheries reasoned that the vessel is borrowed by the fishermen and they do not know that the ship will be used to bomb. Not that the wrong reasons, but this would prove the depravity of supervision, that let law enforcement, even they do not know to whom he gives the facility. This is one concern, bahaw do not let that diberika facility, the fund was launched for the protection of coral reefs would be used to destroy the reef. The cost of the location of coral reef research, and identification spesiaes fish, not until the result is used as a mapping for the actors to look for fertile area to conduct illegal activities.
On the other hand seriuasan indication of lack of supervision and enforcement of this law can be seen from the fact that at this time Coremap II Wakatoby, Raja Ampat and Biak already using the Speed Boat that is almost similar with Taka Lamongan and showed an amazing achievement in surveillance and law enforcement. However Coremap II Selayar there was never any intention to propose the provision of a speed boat back.
In terms of implementation of the program we should see the most decisive aspect, basically the success of the program is that if all the programs go hand in hand. And special district program archipelago Selayar inequality is due to the failure of surveillance programs. Therefore, it needs revitalization for this surveillance system.

On this occasion we were unable to mention technically how the system should be run in a pattern of surveillance and law enforcement in Islands District Selayar, because some areas of the program is run Raja Ampat, Wakatobi and Bunaken already running. If the system is applied in Selayar supported by adequate facilities and implementing programs and professional law enforcement officers, then the control will run. And if the surveillance and law enforcement run as mestinyab, it will impact on the programs that the main problem in the District lain.Kerena Selayar island is essentially monitoring and enforcement program. One thing to note for Coremap center is that it is not possible there is a strategic program which is the innovation of other regions or national innovation that can be run in an area. Do not focus on the proposal from the bottom because, partisifatif patterns that are executed during this by saying that the proposed program is the people's aspirations, it is nonsense. What happens is that the facilitators develop their own courses, if communicated to the public later after the program was created or implemented. In these circumstances, the policy programming to be seen on the needs of the area that leads to saving coral reefs. the suggestion of a person's not laden with interest.

If possible do the repositioning of surveillance program managers, for example by placing a professional from outside the district kepualaun a screen to control the region monitoring Coremap II Selayar. With the criteria that the person already has the image and dedication in terms of supervision and law enforcement. Not that people can not afford Selayar, but we should know together that the District is a regional Selayar island archipelago whose inhabitants still have family attachments with each other. This fact will affect psychologically for the supervision of program managers in carrying out their duties if she / he comes from Selayar. It is a problem in Kab.kepulauan Selayar will be very difficult to accomplish, if Coremap Center just based on mere implementers report.So in the end Coremap II until the end of the program on a screen will not bring change anything.

Kep.selayar, October 23, 2010