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Serenity Comes from Fish

10 Desember 2020   08:34 Diperbarui: 10 Desember 2020   09:02 355 3 0 Mohon Tunggu...
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Serenity Comes from Fish

Everything created by God is important. Everything will need each other and will complement each other. Whether it's those who can speak in words or make only voices without clear words and those who are silent but their presence is needed. This is life between humans and animals. Will seek each other and will need each other. Humans need entertainment, even story friends and need affection.

The existence of animals in human life is very important. I myself really like seeing fish. I myself was inspired by an artist and presenter who is now a YouTuber, Irfan Hakim. He himself has many animals in the hospital, especially fish, ranging from predatory fish to ornamental fish which are very cute. He's always on his YouTube giving lots of animal lessons.

When I watch the content provided by Irfan Hakim, especially fish, I feel calm even though I see it virtually myself. I think the fish of tranquility for humans. I also used to have ornamental fish which were very cute. When I feel tired and tired, I look at the aquarium filled with swimming fish, I feel calm. I saw the same thing in Irfan Hakim.

In addition, by collecting fish we make friends with other fish-loving sesame. This means opening up opportunities for us to get to know the outside world more and of course to gain knowledge as well. This is what I also saw in Irfan Hakim. When he started introducing his fish collection, new acquaintances came and of course they helped each other to give tips on caring for fish and even exchanged fish.