"Better World for Better Life"

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As time goes, everything has changed. Make anything have many effect that can be advantages and disadvantages. Now, we know that our earth is very different from the beginning. Hundred years ago, the earth was still fresh, friendly, and calm even though there were many disasters from the nature. The disaster could be very danger but it was natural and only contemporary. Because of the human activities, the earth is not same as before. Also, the earth become older and maybe someday will break and there will be no hope and no life.

Global warming is one of the biggest effect from many source that can make the earth break. Global warming is the increasing of the temperature in the earth's surface in land and water as well as the atmosphere. How can the global warming break the earth? Global warming is being caused by the human activities like burning fossil fuels, greenhouse gasses, and people who are not aware with the environment. The increasing of the temperature is because of the atmosphere that contain many gasses that very dangerous which can make the ozone layer become decreasing and decreasing. The sunlight and solar radiation that enter the earth should be balance between the sunlight that absorb by the earth and the sunlight that should be bounced off into the space. Because of the decreasing the ozone layer, those things trap in the earth and that is why the earth become hotter.

Greenhouse gasses actually give many benefit for our life. They can make the earth temperature become stable between the night and the afternoon. Also, to help the plants grow up well. The greenhouse gasses become danger because the levels of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and methane more than it should be. The unbalance gasses make greenhouse gasses give disadvantages. The effects are melting the ice in north and south pole which is can affect the increasing of sea level; extreme weather such as hurricane, flood, and drought; and social effect.

The problem will not be resolved if we do not want to solve it. So, that is why we have to try to solve it. If we cannot finish all the problem, at least we already try to prevent it. First thing we have to do is aware with the environment. Aware with the condition that need to repair and to keep. Make habit to choose to use vehicle that do not produce the gasses which can make pollute. For example, use bicycle or on foot. Next, save energy both electricity and water using. Use it sparingly like just use it when needed and turn it off if it is not used anymore. Next, reforestation and keep clean. As we know that the earth become hotter it is also because there are only few percent remainder forest that can help to reduce the carbon dioxide.

Global warming is reminder for us that we have to save our earth. Who does not want to live peacefully? I think there is no one want it. So, try to aware with our environment and maybe you also can encourage the others with what you do to save the earth. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.