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How to get to Aceh

Hello everyone we want to share our personal experiences how to get to aceh from several cities.

From surabaya~

Back then in december while still on high season, the tickets are still expensive, so i choose to go back via kuala lumpur because it is cheaper. From surabaya to kuala lumpur takes 2 hours and 40 minutes and Kuala lumpur to Aceh takes 1 hours and 30 minutes. The total amount of price is Two million and six hundreds.

From Jakarta~ 

From Jakarta to Aceh takes approximately takes Three hours by plance without transit. It is about two million. if you want it to be cheaper you can choose ticket that transit in kuala namu, maybe you can get three hundreds cheaper.

From Medan~

From Medan to Aceh approximately takes twelve hours by bus and it the bus non stop

So here our personal experiences. How about yours?