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Penyerangan Israel kepada Palestine yang Terus Mengalir

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Penyerangan Israel kepada Palestine yang Terus Mengalir
Sumber: BBC

This month there were attacks on Palestinians from Israel, highlighting the whole world. This conflict often occurs between Israel and Palestine, which is prolonged and seems to have no end. 

Israel's attack on Palestine highlights public attention around the world, because of its cruelty. Reporting from, the starting point of the conflict between Palestine and Israel after World War I, Which is the Jews carried out the Zionist movement in the form of fleeing from persecution to a place and establishing their state. This Jewish Zionist movement invited conflict with the Arabs. From this conflict, there was a struggle for territory between the Jews and the Arabs, where the territory of the Jews was called Israel and the territory of the Arabs was called Palestine. Then the United Nations approved the division of territory for Palestine and Israel in 1947. 

In Palestine itself, there is a holy city for Muslims and Jews, namely the city of Jerusalem, and here the United Nations suggested that the region become a special international zone but was rejected by the Arab government because it was considered to have invaded Palestine and want Palestinian unity. After the zoning of the territories, the Israelis began to claim the territory beyond the stipulated boundaries, and claim the territory of Palestine. From this claim, the conflict between Israel and Palestine continues until now, which has been spelled 70 years.

From this prolonged conflict, various attacks have emerged from Israeli Zionists on Palestinians who have reaped the pros and cons of many countries. Reporting from, one of the parties who proclaimed pro to Israel in Indonesia was Monique Rijekrs. Monique Rijekrs said that if the perception of the Indonesian people is wrong about Israel, the news about Israel in Indonesia does not match the truth. Not only that, those who are pro against Israel claim that they are not anti-Semitic, which means that they hate the Jews like Adolf Hitler. 

Because during the time of Adolf Hitler, these Jews experienced persecution and were discriminated against by the Nazis by promoting anti-Semitism, which at that time Adolf Hitler wanted to destroy all the Jews on this earth ( Therefore, the pro-Israeli party is guilty and does not want to do what Adolf Hitler has done to the Jews. The pro against Israel thinks that HAMAS started the war, and the Iranian community must react to this.

Apart from the pros, many countries were angry or contra with Israel's attack on Palestine, namely Indonesia, Turkey, Russia, and other countries. Not only from the public who are against the Israeli attack or pro against Palestine, but the government also defends Palestine, where they call if Israel's attack on the Palestinian community is not humanitarian and has violated international law. 

Those who are pro-Palestine state that Israel cannot evict Palestinians from their land and have committed violations of international law, including war crimes, crimes against humanity, and apartheid crimes ( In addition, it is natural for the Palestinians to retaliate because of what Israel has done.

As an Indonesian society, I defend Palestine from the Israeli occupation, because today's problems are no longer a matter of religion but about humanity. I could not just close my eyes and ears when I saw the Palestinian people being brutally attacked and oppressed by the Israeli Zionists. The attacks that have occurred brutally against the Palestinian people have violated Human Rights. 

Apart from violating human rights, Israel has also become inhumane, because they have attacked civilians, including 248 people who were attacked, 506 children were injured and 66 children died ( This shows that Israel wants to kill the Palestinian population to its roots by attacking innocent children. 

Not only crimes against humanity, but also discrimination against the majority Muslim Palestinian community, where Israeli Zionists attacked places of worship, carried out the expulsion of Palestinians complained by Sheikh Jarrah, and rained down on the Palestinian sky using bombs. This is very cruel and inhuman, where the Palestinians are oppressed and want to be expelled from their homeland. It is natural for Palestinians to carry out counterattacks or demonstrations about this because they have been harmed and oppressed a lot.

Israeli and Palestinian attacks occur not only once or twice, but each year there are attacks. The Palestinian people have suffered a lot from this, which they have been colonized by the Israeli Zionists for approximately 70 years. As fellow human beings, we cannot just stand by this problem, because this is tantamount to eliminating the sense of humanity in the world. We as humans don't need to look at someone's religion to help or enforce justice, because the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is no longer about religion but about humanity.

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