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Some Dialogue: You did great!

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At the campus

Alam : I heard that your article was accepted by the editorial of Kompas. Congratulation!

Asa : Oh, thanks very much. Actually all of my friends were support me to wrote that article, so it wasn’t all thought from me.

Alam : Yeah, I know, but I think it such a beautiful word as a title of your article. “Berbagi Asa untuk Atap Langit”, how inspiring it was!

Asa : Thanks. You could have done the same. I took that title from the one of an orphanage name in Yogyakarta city. When me and my friends gave some donation to “Atap Langit”.

Alam : What an excellent job you did! God bless you and all of your friends! Well, I think I still have to learn about writing with you, but I do hope so.

Asa : Thanks, Alam. Sounds good if you want to learn about writing with me. I think we can write about all of the topics in this world together. First, you must read the books from all of the genre for your references. And after that you can write easily about anything. Trust me!

Alam : Great idea! We can learn together after the final examination in this week, right?

Asa : Okay, that’s a good idea! We can do it in our holiday next week. Sorry Alam, I think I must go to the class right now. Feel free to share about your problem in writing an article. Bye!

Alam : You are my best friend that I ever had! Thanks for helping me to write about an article. Bye Asa!


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