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Interesting Facts About Formula E Jakarta

14 Juni 2022   13:31 Diperbarui: 14 Juni 2022   13:35 216
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Jakarta -- The Jakarta E-Prix is the 9th series race in the 2021-2022 Formula E World Championship which will become history because it will be held for the first time in Southeast Asia, specifically Indonesia, which will be the host. Jakarta became the location for the Formula E race which was held at the International E-Prix Circuit (JIEC) Ancol, North Jakarta on Saturday, June 4, 2022 yesterday.

"Formula E is an event as well as a very valuable moment for the Indonesian people because it is an international scale event, and has succeeded in bringing the fragrance of Indonesia's name to the world," said Eny, one of the visitors to Formula E to the author, Wednesday (8/6/2022).

Jakarta was chosen as the venue for the Formula E racing event because as one of the cities that is an important point in the economic system and also a global city. In addition, DKI Jakarta is also one of the central tourist cities and is visited by many people.

"For Jakarta, why was it held, of course, in order to introduce electric cars that carry go green, introduce Indonesia abroad, in particular to show Jakarta as a beautiful, safe city, because it is broadcast to the whole world, and can be used as tourism promotion. If there are many differences with F1, the point is that FE is a clean energy campaign in the future," Wahyu said, to the author, Wednesday (8/6/2022).

International E-Prix Circuit (JIEC) Ancol, North Jakarta (Foto: Instagram @formulaejakarta_)

Interesting facts about Formula E, which is being held in Jakarta, has a unique electric car race track. This track is said to resemble the shape of a lumping horse/flat horse which has a clockwise path. And the lumping horse is one of Indonesian culture, namely the traditional Javanese dance in the cavalry.

The circuit which has a track length of 2.4 km also has other unique characteristics in several corners. Namely there are several slopes that can make it possible for each racer to have a higher speed. In addition, this circuit is only done in a period of 2 months. This is evidenced by the appreciation from FEO who appreciates circuit work in a short time, but the quality and standards still meet the criteria of FEO.

Another unique thing about Formula E is that it has an attack mode which can provide additional power to make the car go faster. However, the use of this attack mode certainly cannot be done continuously and is limited so that during the race there is no attack mode war. 

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