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Factual Text 2

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Factual Text 2
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The second of factual text will discuss how to furnish the text. It is important because we need to make it clear and correct so that it is easy to understand.   

The question is how to furnish the text?

1. We need to make sure that our paragraph is full of facts from our observation, not assumption. But before that maybe we need to know what is fact and what is assumption.

Fact is something that is really exist or really appear. These are some examples of facts: "the sun rises from the east, the wind blows, cats eat fish, whales live in the sea, and flowers bloom". Those facts are exist and we can see, hear, or feel them.     

What about assumption? Assumption is something that is in our mind but not based on something that we see, feel, or hear, and not (yet) already something that comes from scientific action.  

For example: "the sky is beautiful (it is beautiful for you, but not for me), the house is not comfortable (for me but may be it is for you), the lady is kind (for their family but not for me), my grandpa is humble (for me but not for strangers)."

In other word, fact is something objective, and assumption is something subjective.   

Another example, we like to write about this thing

So we say: "This is red car toy. It has 4 wheels and 2 doors. It was made in 2013 (because written on it), and it is metal".

We may not say: "it is a cheap toy and belongs to my teacher." Why? Beause those statements are not based on our observation, they are just our assumption.   

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