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The Differences Between Indonesian Variety Show and Korean Variety Show

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In millenia era, cybernetics is the lead of globalization. All countries want to upgrade their old systems into the new one. Everyone uses internet in their daily life to entertain themselves. 

Internet has many ways to entertain people. This problem makes television productions improve their programs. 

They create programs to entertain people with various genres, that is called variety shows. 

Every country has different things in a variety show because of various aspects. The example of countries that have differences in variety show are Indonesia and Korea. Even though, both these countries are in Asia, they have different variety show.

People are interested in variety shows and they have various reasons to like a variety show. 

According one to another, their reason cannot be concluded into one. Yuwono, Eric (2013) on "Kepuasan Masyarakat Surabaya dalam Menonton Program Variety Show "Dahsyat" di RCTI" Journal of E-Communication, said that Indonesian, especially people in Surabaya, watch variety show to entertain them, redirect from their life, and give some information. 

On the other hand, according to Marlina Rahmadhani and Iis Kurnia Nurhayati (2014) on "Motif dalam Menonton Program Variety Show Running Man" Journal of Communication, there is some reasons that make people want to watch a variety show. 

The reasons are people want to watch Korean variety show because it can entertain them, make interaction on social life and give some information. Some people think Korean variety shows can help them to interact with new person. It will help them making new relationship and give some confidence to talk the same variety show as their topic.

The new viewers usually check the information on a variety show before watching it. One of them is the variety show's rating. 

KPI makes a survey period May -- June 2015. It shows that Indonesian variety shows have lower rating than other programs. 

The reason is Indonesian variety shows less in protects public and does not give good quality of humor. They are different from Korean variety shows, as Gallup Korea released survey that showed favorite TV program in Korea. 45 percent of the top 20 highest TV program in South Korea is variety show programs.

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