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Is The Foreign Languages Teaching Important to Give?

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Is The Foreign Languages Teaching Important to Give?

The word "foreign language" must be familiar to us, especially in this day and age, There have been lots of courses to learn foreign languages, even in schools there are foreign language extracurricular activities. Then, is it important for us to learn foreign languages? What is in it for us? Let's look at the explanation below!

What exactly is language? According to Henry Sweet, an English Phonetician and Language Scholar, stated: "Language is the expression of ideas by means of speech-sounds combined into words. Words are combined into sentences, this combination answering to that of ideas into thoughts." So, it can be said that language can help people to communicate and understand each other.


It is the same with foreign languages. By foreign languages teaching, we will be better able to communicate with foreigners and expand relationships. Learning a foreign languages can also train memory because the more the brain is used, the better its functions are. In addition, learning a foreign languages and being able to master it can increase self-confidence. That's because people will tend to be attracted around multilingual people because of their skills.

In Indonesia itself, foreign languages teaching has been given since elementary school. By providing foreign languages teaching from an early age, it will indirectly teach children to be able to absorb and spread the development of knowledge written in foreign languages. In addition, foreign languages can also be a door for the Indonesian nation to interact with the global community.

Therefore, learning foreign languages is very important and recommended because in today's era, people who are able to master many foreign languages will have more value and have the potential to get a job easily.