Erta Priadi

An MD in love with my wife & daugter, & hunger for adventure in life. I'm a physician in Bandung Indonesia. Currently I'm taking Residentship Program in the Cardiology and Vascular Medicine in Padjajaran Medical School. My wife is also a resident, she's taking Pediatrics. When we have the time we try to spend it with our daughter. Cardiology has always been by passion when I study medicine. It's always amazed me that although the number one killer in the World / Indonesia is cardiovascular disease, as a Nation we never seem to put much effort into preventing or managing this disease. The awareness to treat Hypertension is very low, not only among patient but also among fellow doctors. Smoking is very prevalent here, no wonder I keep on getting younger and younger patient with Heart Attack. Even when they do had heart attack, only few hospital in Indonesia is PCI capable. So there's a lot to do in this field, and this is where I currently study and practice Cardiovascular Medicine, hopefully I can finished it in 2014. As a country Indonesia still has a lot to do in terms of providing better healthcare. Our population is the 4'th largest in the worlds, we have a vast healthcare problem, our public hospital often overcrowded, underfunded and offer poor Healthcare Services. So there's still a great potential to develop Healthcare Services in Indonesia. Professional Interest : Cardiac Intervention, Cardiac Electrophysiology, Preventive & Rehabilitative Cardiology, Electrocardiography, Hospital Management, Electronic Medical Records, Hospital Information System. Personal Interest : Writing, Green Technology, Digital Photography, Gaming, Mobile Technology, Gaming, Traveling (Backpacking).

19 Jun 2013
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