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Coal Mining Hurt The Heart of Borneo

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[caption caption="Ilustrasi:"][/caption]Resources and the geographical conditions Borneo Island as Kalimantan, making this island as one of the barns national energy set by the government since the beginning of 2012 ago. Indonesia economic corridors which make particularly East Kalimantan. Kalimantan Island into this national energy granary, is tantamount dredging region's natural resources by the center as much as possible for energy outside of Indonesia. East Borneo communities themselves never feel the energy it has, almost a month to power failure could reach 60 percent.

While setting MP3EI provide fresh air or facilitate dredging up into the forest and environmental damage. In fact, the largest energy producer in Kalimantan namely about 82 percent for coal. The coal industry activity is concentrated in Kalimantan Economic Corridor East Kalimantan Province.

East Kalimantan coal reserves of about 80 percent, followed by South Kalimantan, it gained 23.7 percent, 3.1 percent of Central Kalimantan, and West Kalimantan 1 percent.

Damage to Watershed

Damage caused by the determination of Borneo as a national energy source that can be ascertained that damage to the Watershed. This is because, of all coal transportation in East Kaltim many harness the flow of the river. As a result, the water quality in the watershed becomes polluted. There are about 10 sub-districts in Kutai Kertanegara that decreased water quality, with the result that many skin diseases that occur in the community in 10 subdistricts. Most will not be felt for Kaltim in the next 20 years.

Not to mention that maximizes focus MP3EI mining in rural areas, will make the opening of new land. So take the destruction of forests and the region to make the land transportation of coal. It is certainly a lot of ecosystems and environmental changes and damage.

A third new Ex Reclaimed Mine Excavation

Since the date of December 15, 2012 last 15 mines of 56 mines Mining Business License of Samarinda City Government is not allowed to operate alias suspended. Because, based on the evaluation of Reclamation Guarantee placement of the year 2010-2013, all 15 companies do not implement their obligations. While the land area that has been reclaimed still only 541.160 ha (less than one third).

For land that have not been reclaimed (including holes that are still active) covering an area of 1061.21 ha. For a completed mined but is still in the process of reclaiming an area of 161.452 ha. Thus the total land area of 1222.67 ha not reclaimed. When viewed from the amount, since the year 2010 - 2013, of the total liabilities reclamation guarantees amounting to Rp 94 billion, the amount already placed reclamation guarantees amounting to Rp 63 billion and the remaining Rp 34 billion has not been placed. Said reclaimed land that has been closed entirely. Already there revegetasinya. They only can be calculated what percentage that has been reclaimed.


Deterioration in the quality of the river is characterized by changing the color of the river water, followed by the death of the fish that have been the economic livelihood of local communities. People also often feel itchy when using a water bath Santan River. Residents began to stop taking water from Sungai Santan mainly for drinking and cooking.

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