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Is The Full Day School Program Suitable to apply in Indonesia?

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Is The Full Day School Program Suitable to apply in Indonesia?

Every country must have a different education system or school system. The system is a system that exists in education.  The education system is a method or technique for each country to achieve goals in developing its potential talents.

In 2017, Indonesia change its education system, from 6 school days to 5 school days. This surprised the Indonesian people because the students who usually attended school for 6 days went faster, namely 5 days and it was carried out for 8 hours a day. The program to replace the new education system is called "Full Day School". The Full Day School program is a program initiated by the Minister of Education, Muhadjir Effendy. This Full Day School has been implemented by several schools, both private and public schools. However, there are also some schools that do not carry out the Full Day School program.

There are many pros and cons at that time. There are several parties who support the program and others even reject it because of its weaknesses. Actually, there are pluses and minuses in this Full Day School program. The plus points include: students can understand more deeply when studying at school, the number of early marriages is reduced because their daily activities are supervised by the school during school hours, students become closer to the environment at school such as teachers and their friends. However, behind the plus points there are minus points, including: students become tired quickly because of their activities while at school, social interactions outside of school such as youth organizations are less and less due to activities at school, students cannot take lessons to develop talent during the day.

The Full Day School learning system has been implemented in various developed countries such as America Singapore, England, and other developed countries. This system aims to improve performance and educate the character of students in schools. If, the Full Day School system is implemented in Indonesia, Indonesia must also be able to align the education system with one another, both formal and non-formal, as well as with thee external components of education. If all components cannot be managed properly, then a Full Day School that is successfully implemented in Europe will certainly not have the same results as its implementation in Indonesia. The education system in Indonesia is still lacking and unclear the direction. If the Full Day School system is implemented without prior improvement to the old education pattern it will add complexity to achieving the goals of education itself. This will further add to the burden, both for students and teachers, in learning activities at school.

With this problem, it is hoped that the government can complete school facilities because if the facilities in the school are complete, then learning is also very good. Most schools in Indonesia do not yet have adequate facilities and make it comfortable for students to stay in school for a long time. This will make quality character education in schools a mere hope and bring saturation to students.

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