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My Habit and Favorite Foods

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One of the inherent nature to me is the habit of daily living and some of the habits where still attached to me are reading, eating, singing, listening to music, sweeping floors, mopping floors, washing dishes, watching television, playing computer and a correspondent with a pen friend.

Because until now i am not worked or unemployment so i have more time to channel some of my habits or hobbies such as singing. usually when i have free time where I do is sing by imitating the original singer's voice and with one of that way can make my heart happy to imitate the sound my favorite singer. after that record of my self using a handycam and the other habits that i have are sweeping the floor, mopping floors and washing dishes and I do it that to make my house looks clean.

After that now to continue talk about my favorite foods and drink, my opinion life will be wonderful when i felt the food that I eat and that's something beautiful imagination about a foods inside my mind. for the food I have a favorite food where i am eat since i was a child and that is "Lontong sayur", "Ketupat Sayur", chicken noodle, noodles with meatballs, somay, batagor, bakwan fries, fried soyabean using flour or as usual call "tempe goreng menggunakan tepung", fried tofu or as usual call "tahu goreng", nasi padang with chicken grilled and pizza.  for the pizza i rarely eat because is too expensive with the size of finances i have.  and for the drink I like to drink ice cold sweet tea, ice mix or as usual call "es campur", melon ice, ice soursop, coconut ice, grass jelly ice or as usual call "es cincau", ice cendol. in the morning time my daily life at home usually eat chicken porridge or as usual call "bubur ayam" every morning where passing in front of my house but if in my home a lot food and i am lazy to eat chicken porridge (bubur ayam) so i do not buy chicken porridge (bubur ayam) where pass in front of my house.

My current favorite food is "Lontong Sayur" because "lontong sayur" taste so delicious and where eat delicious "lontong sayur" in the same time drink sweet iced tea that will add to the full enjoyment of "lontong sayur". besides "lontong sayur" that I like now is "nasi padang" and things most I like from the "nasi padang" when eating "nasi padang" where the rice is warm and with side dishes is green chillies , vegetables, jackfruit, cassava leaves with grilled chicken and accompanied with sweet iced tea drink that would complement delicious of "nasi padang".

When talk about the food is so wonderful flavors that are in the head after every meal seemed to want to add more foods again but it must be remembered also must be not too much to eat because had feared when weight gain will be many different kinds of diseases that settle within ourselves. the most important addition to maintaining healthy bodies and healthy bodies is a priceless treasure.

Besides "lontong sayur" and "nasi padang" my self also like food made by my father and mother, my father made ​​a very delicious rendang but a lot of delicious food made ​by my father such fried "tales bogor" or as usual call "tales bogor goreng", fried bananas or as usual call "pisang goreng", fried anchovies or as usual call "ikan teri goreng", salted fish or as usual call "ikan asin", etc.

My mother made ​​delicious foods too and foods made by ​​my mother that I like such as  meat stews or as usual call "semur daging", meat balado, tamarind vegetable or as usual call "sayur asem", fried soyabean or as usual call "tempe goreng", fried tofu or as usual call "tahu goreng", spaghetti, macaroni schotel, etc and for the drink now i love the sweet iced tea with lots of ice, mixed ice and coconut ice feels so delicious especially drink in midday when the wheather is warm or hot. and then drinking sweet iced tea, mixed ice (es campur), coconut ice and delicious for the drink will be felt when the coldness of ice enter into the throat and stomach, but must be careful when drink sweet iced tea, mixed ice and coconut ice as if it's too sweet and make our self so fear is diabetes desease so once again, although many of the foods we like and the most important always take care for healthy our body, for the last word i hope my writing is useful for myself and the people who read.


Taufiq Rilhardin

I write this from my bedroom in meruya selatan, kecamatan kembangan, jakarta barat.