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Belajar Cerita Yuk...........Telling Story with Engligh

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Assalamu 'alaikum wr. Wb


Ok, audiences. Now I want to tell you more about "CLEVER PARENT" in my telling story. So please, give me your attention. And have a nice story?

In a day there was a father who walked in front of his home. His name is Mr. Ahmadi. He was confused because his son and daughter graduated from primary school. He wanted to look for a school for them. He only though, though again and though more where will they study. A minute later he had a sit on the chair while though. Second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour he never got it. It means the best school for his son and daughter.

The second day of June 2009, Mr. Ahmadi met one of neighbor who's from far from neighborhood. His name is Mr. Farhan. He had a son that studied in SMP Plus Hidayatul Mubtadi'in. Finally, Mr. Farhan had a communication about the best school with Mr. Ahmadi.

Mr. Farhan said "excuse me, Mr. Ahmadi, what are you doing in front of your home?" Mr. Ahmadi answered "I'm thinking about a school for my children".

And Mr. Farhan asked him again "Are you confuse, Sir?"

Mr. Ahmadi answred him "Yes, of course, because I never know the best school in around here".

Automatically, Mr. Farhan told him "Don't be confuse, Sir. I have suggestion, what if your children study di SMP Plus Hidayatul Mubtadi'in. Exactly, it had professional teachers, condusive facilities and fun learning".

Mr. Ahmadi asked him again "Where is it?"

Mr. Farhan belive him "Exactly, if your children study there, so they can speak English and Arabic well. At least they can speak like foreigner"

"Yes, I see. But where is the place?" Mr. Ahmadi asked.

"Oh, yach. It is in Kembang street" Mr. Farhan answered.

Mr. Ahmadi agreed with Mr. Farhan's opinion. Then, his children studied there. One semester later, headmaster of SMP Plus Hidayatul Mubtadi'in gave some information to Mr. Farhan that his son and daughter got the best winner in Arabic and English competition. His son got the best winner of khitobah in Arabic competition and his daughter got the best winner of Speech in English competition.

Mr. Ahmadi was surprised when he hears that information. He felt happy because he had the best policy that he's not disappointed. Mr. Ahmadi believed that SMP Plus Hidayatul Mubtadi'in is the best school for his children. Finally, Mr. Ahmadi said "Thanks for SMP Plus Hidayatul Mubtadi'in, I'am clever parent" (He said loudly while he raised his hand).

Students and teachers

Before ending my telling story, I'd like to conclude that;

  1. Mr. Ahmadi is clever parent because his children get the best skill from SMP Plus Hidayatul Mubtadi'in
  2. Choose SMP Plus Hidayatul Mubtadi'in that gives you Arabic and English Skill for your future

I think that's all thank you very much for your attention.

Wassalamu 'alaikum wr. wb