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Become a Reading Role Model - Some Lessons Learnt

14 Januari 2020   19:30 Diperbarui: 14 Januari 2020   19:30 4 0 0 Mohon Tunggu...
Become a Reading Role Model - Some Lessons Learnt
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Talking about reading is always enjoyable for me because I could also learn from other habits or traditions on how reading is really valuable to them and how they spend their time as to reading. For instance, I recognise several well-known persons who have incredible reading habits. Perhaps, there would be some lessons learnt that could be taken from it.

The first name I would like to tell a little bit about is Prof. Dr. Amin Rais. He is an eminent Indonesian politician and he was also a chief of Muhammadiyah organisation in Indonesia. He once expressed that his home library consists of more than 5,000 books. He and other family members usually spend most of their time at the library for reading. He then added, "Whilst other people wake up in the middle of the night for spending their time praying, I will spend the night reading". I reckon that his statement is to emphasise that reading is so much so essential that the weight of it would be as important as praying. How about that?

Secondly, I would like to mention here Dr. Marwah Daud. She is a renowned Indonesian woman politician and she was one of the chiefs of the political parties in Indonesia. I witnessed myself that her home library and its wonderful books' collection were exceptional. She, additionally, would spend her time reading books in a weekly regular basis by reading one book a week nonstop. Wow!

Last but not least, a remarkable person who becomes number 3 the richest persons in the world: Warren Buffett. As a CEO of some multinational companies worldwide, most of his daily schedule would be for reading: newspapers, magazines, books, etc. The reason is that he would simply delegate most of what the so-called "the CEO's works" to his personal assistants. As you probably noticed that he has not got any smartphone, either. Apparently, he is the simplest man you could ever imagine. Why reading? By reading, he would be able to concentrate to what the CEO's duties really are, that are to analyse markets and to formulate the company's strategies. That's it, reading. Yet, he is so productive.

 So far what do you think? Don't you think that how extraordinary these three public figures are? How they spend their time for reading is really notable traditions that should be admired, as well as be pursued by whoever wishes to enrich their knowledge and life-wisdom.

 Consequently, don't you think that having reading habits in a regular basis could make us become a lifelong learner and at the same time become a reading role model? Let's hope so. Happy reading! :)