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Then Who Is Better? Prabowo or Jokowi?

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Then Who Is Better? Prabowo or Jokowi?

Each of you may answer one is better than another. But may be you think both of them are good but in a different way. Which one are you?

I choose the second one. I don't know about politics. I don't know about the history of both. I don't like seeing political news . Then how can I say one is better than another? I just wanna see them as the ordinary people.

I've ever heard about the kindness of Prabowo that is very generous and nationalist. And so do with Jokowi, I also have heard about his care of labors. Then that is what I like from them.

But, what is questioning me is why people are speaking out loud about their drawbacks, about their flaws while they are still having their goodness.

Somehow people are expecting another people as a perfect person, as a person they would like to see. Then when he/she does a wrong thing or does unexpected thing from what they expected,people will judge him bad. Then what happened then is about like and dislike. These likes and dislikes may come from the heart. How is their heart seeing people. What do they see? The good or the bad?

When you think you like someone due to his or her kindness you can praise him/her. Or you just pray for him/her to be blessed by The Almighty. Then when it comes to you a thought of being dislike someone, you can choose whether to tell him/her gently, or talking about his/her bad behind them, or abuse him/her with the sarcastic words, or just praying for him/her so do he/she will change his bad into goodness. Those choices also determine how good or bad you are.

Then, I called it human for having a drawbacks or flaws . We ourselves of course not that perfect. I guess no body's perfect in this imperfect world. So why should finding others' flaws while you still can see their kindness? I like one quote from Mary engelbreit saying, If you don't like something, change it. But if you can't change it, change the way you think about it.

So no matter how you like or dislike Prabowo or Jokowi, never abuse them for your like or dislike. If you like them, praise them and pray for them. Then when you don't like, say it in a gentle way, not in abusing words. Just remember that we are living in the same country. Then we are brothers. There is no brother wanna hurt his brothers. Viva Indonesia!

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