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How I Learned English

22 Oktober 2021   22:25 Diperbarui: 22 Oktober 2021   22:42 70 1 0
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How I learned English

English is almost my number one language in my entire life. For me English is so fun. Because most of the world speaks it. This language makes you easier to be friends with people from another countries and it helps you understand more things. So, by learning it and being good at it, I can communicate better.

Another benefit of learning English for me is to enjoy more entertainment, like TV shows, so, I don't need Indonesian subtitles anymore. Otherwise, I turn on English subtitles to learn spelling. To be fluent in English, I can get more access to the internet and gain more knowledge. Why? Because, almost 52 percent of the most read articles are written in English.

So, I started to learn since I was just a baby. My favorite TV shows were CBeebies, Disney junior, cartoon network, etc. 

Then, when I was in primary school, I started to watch movies, like Avengers: age of Ultron, transformers: the last knight, Shaun the sheep armageddon.

I also love to watch many shows from BBC channel, Discovery, History, and National Geography. Sir David Attenborough is one of my favorite host.

When I was in 4th grade in 2019, my parents sent me to visit my aunt in Australia. I spent more than two weeks in Brisbane and Sydney. 

During that time, I got used to speak English with so many foreign people and experience living abroad that is different from my home in Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia.  It really changed my perspective. 

The other side effect of it is I was getting better and better at English. In the future, I want to go back there to continue my study, all prepared, and ready.

Now, in 6th grade I just got my TOEFL (Test of English as a foreign language) certificate. It all paid off I got 540 points. 

One of the TOFL committees said that my grade was not bad all, even, counted great, considering I never (officially) learned English.

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