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Philosophy 9

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Postmodernism is a concept that developed after the modern era with its modernism. Postmodernism releases a single understanding as a theory, but opposes theories that are scattered and are difficult to find a single common ground. Many figures give meaning to postmodernism as a continuation of modernism. But the sequel became very diverse.

Based on the origin of the word, Post-modern-ism, derived from English which means understand (ism), which developed after (post) modern. This term first appeared in 1930 in the senior field by Federico de Onis to show the reaction of modernism.

Postmodern philosophy first appeared in France around the 1970s, before the compilation of Jean Francois Lyotard wrote his discussion of the legitimacy requirements of the postmodern era, where the narratives of the modern modern world (such as policyism, capitalism, and communism) could not be used anymore.

Initially born of criticism of modern architecture, and we must admit the word postmodern itself appears as part of modernity. When postmodern began to discuss the realm of philosophy, postmodern posts did not determine the period or time, but rather a concept that transcends all modern things. The concept of postmodernity, often abbreviated as postmodern, is a critique of the reality of modernity which is considered a failure in accepting its enlightenment project.

Development of History and Postmodern Figures

Initially, the word postmodern did not appear in philosophy or sociology. This postmodern discourse first appeared in architecture and later also in literature. Postmodern architecture and literature are more breathable critics of 'modern' architecture and literature that refer to totalitarian, mechanical and inhumane architecture. Finally, this critique of modern architecture and literature became a critique of modern architecture known as the postmodern era.