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The Object of Philosophy Study

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The object of ontology studies

 Ontology is one of the most ancient philosophical inquiry fields. In the case of ontology people face problems, the first time people are confronted with the existence of two kinds of reality. That is :

 * reality in the form of material (truth)

 * Reality that is spiritual (psychiatric)

 It is the reality of the actual reality, not the fact that is temporary or circumstances that are deceptive also the reality that changes. The discussion of ontology as the basis of science seeks to answer "what" according to Aristotle is philosophy is the science of the essence of matter. From some expert opinions can be concluded.

 1. According to the language of ontology is derived from Greek namely on or onthos there and logos of science so ontology is the science of existing

 2. According to the term ontology is the science that discusses the nature of existing, which is the ultimate reality in the form of physical or concrete or spiritual for abstract.

Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that discusses everything that happens in the real world that can be felt or cannot be felt by the five senses. Aristotle said that metaphysics has two objects, namely something that exists and something that is divine.

1.  Western idealism Physical objects are real as far as they can be understood, what makes them understandable is their "from" or "idea" aspects.

2.  Eastern idealism What we understand is that the sensations that occur in the mind (as in dreams) there are no real objects outside the mind.

Realism in art means trying to display the subject in daily life and more simply, it is a work of realism. Whereas existentialism is a tradition of thought that agrees that philosophical thought begins with the human subject, not only one who thinks but one who does, feels, and lives.