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Homeschooling vs Public Schooling

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Homeschooling vs Public Schooling

Homeschooling is one way to convey learning to children. But personally, I don't really agree with homeschooling. With the cultural and social diversity in Indonesia, public schools are a more appropriate way to convey learning. In public schools, we meet more people with different points of view and different ways of thinking, so that one day there will definitely be differences of opinion. From these differences of opinion, we can learn to solve problems and provide provisions for the future. Meanwhile, if we homeschool, we meet a limited number of people, so that interactions with other people are also more limited and tend to make children more individualistic.

With homeschooling, learning becomes more fun because it is interspersed with small activities to absorb learning. However, this sometimes makes it difficult for children to compete in universities and the world of work because they are too comfortable learning in a fun way. If in public schools there will definitely be peer pressure to get the highest score.

The more flexible time and duration of children's learning make it difficult for children to adapt to the world of work. Because in the world of work, children must be able to adjust to the working hours and work that we have to complete. While homeschooling makes children accustomed to learning hours that must be adjusted to the child.