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Does Rank System In College Necessary?

29 Juni 2018   19:30 Diperbarui: 29 April 2019   11:28 405 0 0 Mohon Tunggu...

"We respect all human being without exceptions".

It was 2013, Kemendikbud changed the curriculum from 'KTSP 2006' to 'Kurikulum 2013'. It was the time Kemendikbud released regulations to remove ranks system in schools. But we know it didn't work well, some schools wanted to keep challenging students. Who are the smartest, who could work better, and perhaps, who are the 'lowest'. This is also motivated by the demand of parents who often measure their children based on their ranks in class. Shortly, its kind of machine that measure students intellect based on scores that does not define them. Moreover, they believe ranks always work best to motivate students in studying. Its an old story. But we might want to know why did Kemendikbud released this regulation. Is this something that have high level of urgensity? Or just merely a new rule?

According to Deputy Head of Academic and Management SMAN 18 Surabaya, Mamiek Suparmi, the pattern of ranking of students actually has not been used since KTSP 2006. However, they still produce ranks system, but only for internal. He said it helps students for college admission or scholarship receive. What I personally got from this said is, students nor their parents doesn't have any right to have a knowledge about the ranks if its not urgently necessary. Kemendikbud does not directly  reveal the reasons behind the abolition of the ranking system in schools. But according to studies after studies, ranks system have been shown in increasing students competitive attitude to individualism. Besides, not only low-rank students that would feel aggrieved by the judgment given, this also puts high pressure on high-rank students. From those said we can analyze that Kemendikbud was trying to teach students to not assume schools as a competition games because competition will only teach and create toward individualism.

Lets get this straight.

Talking about college, maybe it can't be equalize with schools. But we could take some gold from Kemendikbud regulations. According to Oxford Dictionaries, college is an educational institution or establishment, in particular one providing higher education or specialized professional or vocational training. Some college get adored by many pre-graduate high school students. They want to create dreams there. Maybe they won't bother, but perhaps they would consider to deal with college that still hold old value of judging students based on their ability to make a scores. Bad dreams. Sadly, ranks value doesn't work the way we wanted. Maybe work, but not completely. It doesn't work completely when we produce it based on students completeness.

Cooperation, respect, tolerance, and relations are few keys to have a life in college. Higher education level means college requires more value than schools. Let me get this short, if Kemendikbud did not allow ranks system applied in schools, why would they allow that judgemental machine to be applied in college? Of course there are regulations to allow college managing their own household, and maybe higher level education is time to increase our competitiveness rather than cooperation. Wait, what?

Higher level of education should not embrace values that even got removed by Kemendikbud at lower levels of education. Many students work really hard behind the camera and got unworth scores by lecturers. Some of my friend even cried because they feel underestimated by lecturers for their ability. But many score thiefs, who often do very bad things on exams and assignment, often get top 20% of ranks in the major. Again, its an old story. The question is, why I never understand the purpose of making ranks in college.

If we discuss about highly-motivated students who often are so ambitious to get higher rank in top to middle ranks ranges, lets discuss about highly-self-conscious student who often get depression by seeing dirty data that he is not above average. The fact is, it changes them. It could be parental-relation, motivation, attitude, and even their mentality. The reason why so many people don't believe one occurance could change people is simply because they never get its effects. Many people are high in self-conscious, and it becomes majority since this is millenial generations. I personally believe, by countless experiments, that this people is not openly reject regulations. They often prefer to be serene, not because they agree, but because they don't want to make a merely mess. Probably not that confidence to propose after seeing the machine.

Sadly, students often get impacts of society by ranks judgement. They often get less trusted to solve an issues because people judge them based on their ability of making scores. Simply because its the only indicator to know strangers. People believe that being intelligent means they have a good way of thinking. Perhaps, they also want to hear about this fact that, being intelligent does not make you a good thinker. I believe college is not designed for that, because it is not worth it. Its so not worth it.

Its certain not all college applies ranks system on their regulation. Like some outstanding college in Bandung, it respect students personal matter by not exposing any of their scores nor GPA, except for appreciations. I assume they believe college is not a time for making superiority among others. What sucks is, its the best Indonesian College for years. Its a great smack for 'ranks-system-applied-college' below them who assume themselves as Know-It-All.

GPA is a personal matter. It doesn't need to be exposed. Exposing them are strongly unnecessary, unrespectable, and sometimes destructive. This might seems insignificant, but how many students with GPA over 3.5 has their mentality decreased because they assume it is still not sufficient while it compares to others? Its just matter of superiority when it comes to ranks. Its about "Who is better".

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