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Magang di Green School Bali

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Firstly, I am very glad to share my scratch to the readers, especially they who have strong willingness to make an impact to their local organization and community. All started when Young South East Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) open the application for Green School Internship Spring 2019, I really feel challenged to submit my application as the deadline given. After two weeks when I submitted my application and I am very surprised that my application as one of the selected and will be moved to the next process which means going for doing the interview section. 

In the interview section it really bit awkward, hehe. I mean when the interview haven't done yet, but when I turned my computer on and tested my windows 10 camera for skype and it didn't work, I was trying to fix it, but seemed gone to waste. But, after that I switched to my smartphone Skype account then I log in. Finally, I used my smartphone where I prepared before (actually just for the second option, hehe).  

All done, I am very glad after the interview section done, I shared to my beloved sister Theresia Dammya Christian that my interview well done. Again, after the interview section then the interviewee (two parties from US Embassy and one from The Green School) told me to wait for the further updates. Yuhhu, finally after two weeks since the interview done, then I got news from the US Embassy Jakarta that I was chosen as one of the participant to experience the experiental learning at the Green School Bali.

All started when the US Government stated that the Government is shutdown, which shown in the official website as "due to lapse in appropriations the website will not be updated regularly" I really feel uncertainty due to I had made the decision. I have been taking the break by the semester spring 2019 to join YSEALI Green School Internship. About two weeks after where the uncertainty, then a good news finally shared by the US Embassy Jakarta, yeah the government shutdown in the United States is over and the Green School is still want to give the opportunity for us that coming from US Embassy to follow the internship event if it already two months late.


The internship in Green School Bali is really attractive. I working for about 4 months at the Recycling Center at the Green School (KEMBALI) which means bring back in Bahasa. I learn a lot about the waste management, where there were 21 categories of the waste we were sorting at the KemBali Green School. In the morning the students and their parents always come to sort their own trash by each categories. I realize, my life and perspective about waste was changing when I see the awareness of the people there. I was working with three persons at the KemBali, the first is the manager of the KemBali, Mr. Abid from Gorontalo, Mr. Eka from Gianyar, Bali, and Mrs. Dessyane from Jakarta. There was a fantastic team! We shared each other about the skill. We served the students at two major programs which were Kembali ke Sekolah and Trash for Class.

Not only good friends and community, but also a parent that became our mentor Rachael Trainor from Australia, she is very kind and informative, it shown by the way she treat something. I still remember the quotes from Rachael Trainor we wrote at the white board at the front of our table "the essential few not the important many." It described her way of seeing something. We were really glad to experience such great opportunity at the Green School.