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My Expectation in New Normal

30 Juni 2020   19:14 Diperbarui: 30 Juni 2020   19:19 26 2 1 Mohon Tunggu...

Introduction :

Hi, I'm Vanesa Berlien, a student of management study program in Sekolah Tinggi Akuntasi dan Manajemen Indonesia Pematangsiantar. I'm from SMA Kristen Kalam Kudus Pematangsiantar. This time, I would like to deliver a topic about my expectation in new normal during the pandemic of COVID-19.

In this new normal, I hope for :

First : 

All the medics will have a good health and mentality because of the heavy spread of this COVID-19. The medics have done their best during this pandemic even they didn't go back to their family and locked down in the hospital. They are the best hero during this pandemic.

Second :

I hope the COVID-19 sufferer will decrease and the sufferer who had healed will have a normal life without worrying the virus spreading and live healthier.

Third : 

I hope for no another disaster that will occur in the 2021. We miss living normally without thinking and contacting with other people will spread the virus. This virus spreading make us worry too much to communicate.

In this new normal, what would I do are :

First : 

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