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What is Data Mining???

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Data mining or knowledge discovery refers to the process of finding interesting information in large repositories of data. The term data mining also refers to the steps in the knowledge discovery process in which  special algorithms are employed in hopes of identifying interesting patterns in the data. These interesting patterns are then analyzed yielding knowledge. The desired outcome of data mining activities is to discover knowledge that is not explicit in the data and to put that knowledge to use. 

Data mining is a process that uses statistical, mathematical, artificial intellegence and machine learning techniques to extract and identify useful information and related knowledge from large databases. Data mining is a knowledge process to explore added value from data sets in the form of data that has not been known manually (Brammer and Max,2007).

Data mining is the analysis of data (usually large data) to find clear relationships and conclude that they were not previosly known in a way that is currently understood and useful for the owner of the data (David,dkk,2014)

Data mining is an ambiguous term that has been used to refer to the process of finding interesting information in large repositories of data. More preciely, the term refers to the application of special algorithms in a process built upon sound principles from numerous disciplines including statistics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, database science, and information retrieval (Han and Kamber,2011).

Data mining refers to the process of finding interesting patterns in data that are not explicitly part of the data. The interesting patterns can be used to tell us something new and to make predictions. The process of data mining is composed of several steps including selecting data to analyze, preparing the data, applying the data mining algorithms, and then intepreting and evaluating the results, Sometimes the term data mining refers to the step in which the data mining algorithms are applied, This has created a fair amount of confusion in the literature. But more often the term is used to refer the entire process of finding and using interesting patterns in data (Benoit,2002).

It can be concluded that data mining is the process of collecting data and processing large amounts of data that aims to extract important information on the data with various methods.

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