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Let's Know More Brebes Closely

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Let's Know More Brebes Closely
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Brebes is one of the cities and regions in Central Java. This city is located in the westernmost part of the north coast of Central Java province.After the north is following the north sea, while the south border is with cilacap district. 

The population is mostly farmers, traders, fishermen, and several other types of professions. However, of the many professions, it is the farmers who dominate the district. So as we know, Brebes is famous for its city or area producing shallots. And shallots mean onion.

Brebes red onion is different from the others. According to chefs and professional cooks, brebes shallots do have a must and enjoyment of their own. Usually it makes the eyes want to cry, which is when we slice or cut the shallots. The smell is even more fragrant, when it's been stir-fried.

Apart from producing shallots, Brebes is also famous for its salted egg. Tourists know more about the brebes salted egg. It's more savory and tastes, that's their comment about the brebes salted egg. 

In addition, Brebes salted egg now has many flavors, including boiled, grilled, and others. The progress of the times, salted egg culinary requires variety, innovation, and always upgrading the taste. This is so that customers and connoisseurs of salted egg will not run away (dislike) this salted egg product from Brebes.

Dear readers, who have never been to Brebes, let's find the info on social media first, and please be able to visit our area. Welcome and enjoy tasting our local salted egg and buy shallots as souvenirs to bring to your area.

Thank you !