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New Year, New Hope, and New Spirit

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New Year, New Hope, and New Spirit
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Praise be to Allah for giving us various kinds of blessings. So that until now, we still feel some of those favors, including healthy favors and fresh air in 2021. Of course we must be grateful for this together. There are many out there, sick people wanting to be well. Likewise, people who have died want to return to live in this world.

So being grateful is the main menu written on this oppurtunity. 

Before stepping into 2021 with some of our flagship programs, it would be great for us to evaluate and reflect for a moment.

How much good have we done? How many chapters of the Quran have we memorized? How many orphans have we supported? Likewise, how often do we train ourselves to learn to change for the better.

Well, the key is to change from bad to good, so that our lives are more meaningful. So if some of our questions are still answered negatively, maybe this is the time we should change ourselves for the better.

To help towards change for the better, we can make a list of featured programs that we will work on in the next year. For example as follows:

1. We will be even more enthusiastic in living life

2. We will learn more from some of the mistakes we have made

3. Increase the list of positive and religious activities

4. Has an unyielding nature

5. Do not get upset quickly

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