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Expectasion VS Reality in Broadcasting Regulations

17 April 2021   20:00 Diperbarui: 17 April 2021   20:09 45 0 0 Mohon Tunggu...

Often technology issues, especially in the television media, many tv channels that dare to be called assorted, as a result can be dim broadcasting ethics.

Big stations believe that by making programs that are too vulgar broadcasts such as violence, love is able to be able to society, and can be reversed khasa for young people

As well as broadcast on the afternoon news broadcast on April 15, 2021, through television media and broadcast on various TV channels one way chanel iNEWs Surabaya. iNEWS one of the television channels that one of the parties daily news programs that are bad news information and updated in detail, from a wide area both through social media and LIVE, ranging from political, legal, social, cultural, economic, and sports events, both

In the broadcast of the broadcast of the iNEWS channel reported that is not  censored  in the form of video  that has been on social media,the video about the family that is in the video aired on  the channel  iNEWS  said,there canbea seriousness between father and son,  with the theme "  perpetrators  rose  pitam dueto advised by his son"  at that time the father's district was well dikan a fight to the wife, and consequently In the video bird flame, the father pointed whatever a knife to the child

In this case alone chanel television station that often displays vulgar broadcasts can provide  positive  literacy for  the public    but  on the contrary  the broadcast  like  this  gives  a  positive   for TV stations,    namely the positive effect  for  tv  stations  they  actually  get a lucrative profit with a sum  of money and other advertisements..

In this case, sanya station or tv channel which mecca which is vulgar such as violence, obscene, bookies, drug abuse there are no regulations that have kpi, as well as the rules of the Law bring this:

As stated  in the Act (KPI) "that televisionbroadcasts where there isviolence, obscene, bookies, cities and the world". The 2012 KPI Broadcast Code of Conduct (P3) recommends that "broadcasts must bebroadcast at the time of theongoing program and/or prohibition of violence".

The rules on violent impressions that are contained in the Act in the Act of Abusers and P3SPS KPIs flicker, the result of impressions from impressions is very very, for young people, therefore the area is very strict. Clearly more detailed about the violent impressions of the program is very standard broadcast (SPS) KPI Year 2012 Article 23, 24 and 25.

In this case, which is not also how about the effects that will appear in the community, can be categorized into a team of tv shows that are selfish for both KPIs and the communityitself