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Four Ethics You Need to Know Before Studying Online

22 Maret 2021   14:33 Diperbarui: 22 Maret 2021   15:00 42 1 0 Mohon Tunggu...

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our habits a lot. Regulations regarding health protocols to reduce the rate of spread of COVID-19 began to be implemented since it was confirmed that Indonesian citizens were positive for Covid-19. Since then our habits have changed a lot. Starting from the way we interact, worship and study.

Since Covid-19 began to spread in Indonesia, we have to stay at home. One of the causes of the spread of the virus is due to the crowd. for that, the government has implemented several regulations to reduce the crowd. For example in schools, it is certain that there are crowds of students and teachers in schools. To prevent the increase in the covid-19 cluster in schools, the government has implemented a distance learning program or better known as online learning.

Platform online meeting digunakan  untuk melaksanakan kegiatan belajar mengajar dari rumah. Platform tersebut memungkinkan guru dan murid berinteraksi jarak jauh secara real time. Di kampus saya ada platform bernama Myklass dengan big blue button sebagai media online meeting.

By using online meeting platform, the teacher can give lectures and presentations while students listen to what the teacher says. The platform also allows for highly interactive question and answer sessions. Popular online meeting platforms are Zoom Meeting, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet.

Learning online is certainly different from learning face-to-face because the circumstances are completely different. For example, teachers cannot monitor all their students more freely so that there are many cases of students who fall asleep while studying online but are not reprimanded or even play games during teaching and learning activities.

The cases mentioned above would not have happened if students knew ethics when studying online. The following are ethics that students should know before starting online learning. The ethics below aim to make online learning more conducive and students can understand lessons better.

1. Obedience

Students should obey what the teacher instructs about online learning, such as commands to turn off or turn on cameras and microphones. Turning off the camera when the teacher is talking is often considered impolite. If students do not have a webcam, they should inform the teacher via the chat column.

2. Truthful

Doing assignments or quizzes online is  very different from doing it face-to-face. Students can work together without the teacher knowing. Cheating will be easier too. For this reason, students should be honest in doing assignments or quizzes given by the teacher. To avoid cheating during online exams, the school can apply online proctoring during the exam.

3. On Time

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