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IELTS Speaking Topic: Business (with Sample Questions and Answers)

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Dikarenakan banyaknya topik yang mungkin ditanyakan dalam IELTS Speaking, disini kita juga akan membahas terkait dengan kosa kata yang akan berguna untuk topik-topik tertentu beserta contoh pertanyaan dan jawabannya. Pada kesempatan kali ini, kita akan membahas topik Business. Perhatikan contoh pertanyaan beserta jawabannya berikut. 

  • Question: Do you work or are you a student?

Answer: I run my own business actually ... I have an online business selling cosmetics ... I set up the business 5 years ago and I'm really enjoying working for myself ...

  • Question: What is your ideal job?

Answer: I don't think I'd enjoy working for a big company ... I think I'd like to go it alone and be self-employed ... I'm not sure what area of business it would be but I think I'd enjoy the process of drawing up a business plan and seeing if I could be successful ...

  • Question: Is your town a nice place to live?

Answer: It's OK ... the main problem we have is our local high street ... it used to be a busy centre but lots of shops have gone bust ... it must be very difficult to make a profit when you have huge supermarkets in the area and a lot haven't been able to survive with such cut-throat competition ...

  • Question:  Why do some people decide to set up their own business?

Answer: I suppose it's the idea of being in control of your own destiny ... or of believing in a product or service idea you may have ... plus it must be very exciting ... launching products ... winning contracts ... and seeing your sales figures improving must be wonderful ...

  • Question: What are some of the dangers involved in starting a business?

Answer: Well ... obviously you need to have a good idea ... some people say you need to do market research beforehand so you know what the market wants ... if you don't do this you could go under ... and if it is a good idea the chances are someone else is doing the same thing so you could end up facing stiff competition ...

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