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How is The Destiny of Education in This Country During A Pandemic?

5 Oktober 2020   08:00 Diperbarui: 5 Oktober 2020   08:08 10 2 0 Mohon Tunggu...

This is my story as a student at the Atma Jaya University Yogyakarta, a communication science study program.

At the end of February 2020, Covid-19 began to enter Indonesia, and in March, there was a policy from the central government to conduct lectures online.

I thought online lectures would be fun but, after I lived it turned out to be not as beautiful as I imagined, how could I not! My friends and I experienced several problems in online lectures including:
1. Inadequate network (especially students from rural areas, in the rains, and electricity problems)

2. Do not have a laptop (not all college students have a laptop, must use a smartphone or borrow a neighbor who has a laptop)

3. Morale to learn decreased

4. Learning to be less effective

5. Internet quota is more wasteful, especially when opening Application Ms. Team.

6. The campus administration fee will still be paid as usual, but we can only use some campus facilities.

Grateful that at Atma Jaya Yogyakarta University there has been a face-to-face system since the online learning policy was implemented by the government.

That's what I felt during the online lecture take place.

Thank you

May We always be in the protection of the Almighty God, Amen