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Design Using Canva to Optimize Content Marketing for MSMEs

29 November 2022   15:35 Diperbarui: 29 November 2022   15:44 70
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The material this time is the closing of the training for 20 communication science students at 'Aisyiyah Yogyakarta University  and 10 Yogyakarta UKM which was organized by Rumah BUMN Yogyakarta (RuBY), Tuesday (28/10), yesterday. This last material is still filled by Bondan Satria, with the material How to Design Using Canva "Creative Content With Canva".

In carrying out product promotions, MSMEs do not only take product photos and post them directly to social media. However, MSMEs must issue creative ideas in promoting their products, one of which is by designing product photos.

For everyone doing design is very difficult. Not everyone can make an attractive design. Therefore, this training explains how MSMEs take advantage of a website or platform that is very easy to use for designing, namely Canva.

We can find Canva in the Playstore and Appstore for use via cellphones. And can also be found via the Canva website (

It's no stranger to hearing Canva say to design something. Canva is very easy to use by design. Designing using Canva is not difficult because Canva has provided several templates for designing for free or for a fee. Apart from that, Canva also provides fonts, elements, videos, photos, gifs that can help you design online.

With this, MSMEs can take advantage of the Canva platform which can be used via cellphones or laptops. Practical and simple use can be used as inspiration for MSMEs to promote their products that have been designed through Canva.

So that MSMEs can further optimize their product marketing content which has been designed in an attractive way through Canva.

Good luck...

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