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Let Drizzle Perfect Our Beautiful Love

3 April 2019   19:58 Diperbarui: 3 April 2019   20:00 0 6 1 Mohon Tunggu...
Let Drizzle Perfect Our Beautiful Love
ilustr: Pete Rumney

there is still a vague picture of our soul in the heart
but this longing is always humming praises
a gust of wind conveyed a fragrant body aroma
and our veins only flow beautiful shadows

we are too young at the bud of our meeting
but the door of the heart has opened by itself
grow the desire to match the body in the flower of love.
infuse the rest of the time coloring the wanderer steps

feeling warm romance charms itself
do not want a second the fluctuations of feeling passed empty
the love song goes through the dance of ancient instincts
getting more and more of us in the caress of human passion

it was cold night leading to the presence of our desires
holding each other a shadow of daydream that turned blue
flowing our longing through inner blending
do not want a second to pass without a spoiled sigh

the more sticky we want it to blend
ignore all conscience that has ever doubted
the intimate whisper of the beauty of love is increasingly longing
affected by the strains of symphony in a seductive rhythm blend

how hopeful our lives are colorful
decorated with flowers and fragrant pine shoots
let drizzle perfect our beautiful love
splash happily without the world knowing it

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'with love and peace'
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