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Puisi Pilihan

Puisi | Hope for Sure

12 Februari 2019   22:20 Diperbarui: 12 Februari 2019   22:38 0 8 2 Mohon Tunggu...
Puisi | Hope for Sure
ilustr: Robert Deyber

maybe this time it still feels empty
hope in a dream
it becomes hopeless in the arid wilderness

hope ...
is it wrong if I hope in a drop of water
one day transformed into the ocean
is it wrong for me to hope
that tomorrow will be beautiful
in your warm arms of love
although now everything is still a mirage
like in a dreamland

love ...
one thousand questions
stuck in the chest cavity
insulated in cyberspace
why can't I have you
whereas only the epidermis separates us

even though now I understand
apparently this is the meaning of a longing
even though I know it's sure to miss this
like a dream and the wind
on the edge of the dock is quiet

my longing whether you know
how much time have I passed alone
and maybe you don't understand
how far I go this way

but I hope you understand
here only you and me
where our two hearts are linked
spring and sometimes shed over time

the goddess of romance ...
pervades your every touch
open my blue heart

the poet of love ...
staring at your shadow is
no longer an illusion
but you who feel more certain

describe you ...
your joke ...
your laugh ...
your spoiled attitude ...
everything breaks down one by one
in the beautiful we hope it must be fused

Solo, Tue, 12th February 2019. 10.00 pm
'with love and peace'
Suko Waspodo
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