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XCS Family One of the Best and Rising Group on Smule

21 November 2019   13:26 Diperbarui: 21 November 2019   13:34 9 0 0 Mohon Tunggu...

XCS Family, One of the Biggest and popular Group. If you are one of those people who using Smule application, surely you already knew about the Big groups in smule, One of them is "XCS Family " .

The author wants to review more about "XCS " because it's one of the rising group in the Smule's world, And Besides XCS is well known as International group who's the founders are came from different country,One of them is from Indonesia. Although it's an International group, XCS has many members from Indonesia. 

XCS have  special rooms each and every region on line application, though they have international rooms which all members from different countries are there, they also choose to create regional rooms bcoz not all members can talk or communicate using English, thats why why regional rooms created so members will feel more comfortable too talk to their own language. As a hobby of singing and having friends from different countries ,XCS wants to prove that "Music can unite the World ".

XCS stand for Xcellent Collaboration of Singers and was established last October 18,2018 , by the founder from Philippines (jheng) and CO founder from Indonesia (Andri). 

Though the age of XCS group is still not like those other old groups they proved that they can pass the level of those old smule groups, XCS is not looking for members who have a beautiful voice they are more focused on people who really loves to sing, as long as the person who wants to be part of XCS Family and not Mysterious type like identity is not clear.. Because the main goal of XCS is to build "FRIENDSHIP " all over the world