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What It Would Be Like If I Was President

6 April 2020   16:00 Diperbarui: 6 April 2020   16:01 12 0 1
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Humaniora. Sumber ilustrasi: PEXELS/San Fermin Pamplona

As of the time of writing this, there are 2,273 cases with 164 people cured and 198 deaths in total. As we all know, COVID-19 is a serious health threat, especially to those who are older and younger. This disease is contracted easier by those whose immunity system is lower.

Governments all around the world are searching for ways to, what they say, "flatten the curve". But, here is how I would do it if I were the president.

First thing first, from the information that we know, the disease spreads from human interaction. Meaning touching or even talking to someone is risky. Of course, the government already implemented "social distancing" as a way to reduce cases. But, recently, the government allowed people to "mudik" or go home as the anticipation of the upcoming Ramadhan. By doing so, it would just help the disease to spread to even more people and location.

Indonesians need to open their eyes to see how dangerous the situation is. Urging people to watch an educational video about COVID-19 on the TV help people to realize what should they do and be more prepared in the times they needed.

Limiting how much of an item people can buy also should be done. Many people are doing what is called "panic buying." This could lead to many less fortunate people having hygiene products and foods, even though in reality, they are the ones who needed it the most. News of how people are buying products in large bulks and reselling them again or shop selling products with prices that are through the roof are also around. People like this should be charged because they are taking advantage of the less fortunate's condition.

Instead of panic buying, we should teach people that are fortunate enough to donate or give their help to the less fortunate and/or hospitals that needed hygienic products and foods. This could help us reduce the cases in our country. Besides of giving stuff, people could also give money to support our country in battling this virus financially.

We should also make our people notice how important it is to keep our own body healthy. Encouraging people who are sick to wear masks, washing your hands, eating healthy foods, and exercise regularly could help "flattening the curve".

But, knowing Indonesians, people who are sick won't wear any masks and people who healthy do. So, we will just ask people to use masks, all of them. Sick or not, wear masks. Masks made from cloth, like towels, could be a good material to use.

Many people washed their hands regularly after learning the situation, but most of them won't help themself and pick up a healthy lifestyle. What goes inside your body also helps you to be more resistant to it. If they start doing this and also exercise regularly, not only their immune system be stronger, they also live a healthier life.

After all, what is important is what we people know what to do in this situation and act the right way.

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