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Teenagers' Common Problem: Unthinkable Ways to Overcome It

17 November 2020   19:36 Diperbarui: 17 November 2020   19:47 101 2 0 Mohon Tunggu...
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Teenagers' Common Problem: Unthinkable Ways to Overcome It


Competition in this fierce world has pulled us for doing hard work that is really time-consuming in our lives. This is causing many problems among civilians in today's society. 

The most often problem is sleep deprivation. This problem has become increasingly evident among teens, according to many scientists, which are supposedly caused by their school. In their essay, the National Sleep Foundation, Dement and Vaughan, Danner and Phillips, and Carskadon discuss their studies and opinions on phase-delayed sleep, sleep deprivation, circadian timing, etc. 

Their author purpose is to create high schools' start times later than they currently are. Their argument is in order for this common problem of sleep deprivation to decrease overtime in teens. 

Not only that, there are many complaints in social media about students' concern. The students had to stay up all night to complete their schoolwork. 

Therefore, they are making up their mind. These high schools have to reduce the schoolwork for the students. It is in order of relieving this sleep-deprived general problem as their bottom line. 

As we know, these scientists have years of research to back up their preposition and those students almost have never looked on homework as a good thing. On the other hand, they also admit it is highly plausible to also have negative or little effect on the adolescent students over time by doing so. 

School is actually not where of the problem of sleep deprivation comes from. There are some things, which have to be fixed by teenagers, in order to solve this worldwide problem of sleep deprivation.

1. Change the schedule

The first thing in order for teens to not be overcome by sleep deprivation during their studies is students should change their schedule. Along the increased ages, high school students have to be more able to manage their self of accustoming time. 

Certainly, there must be a big difference on the learning method between students in elementary school and students in high school. Many people are still arguing that the schools are blamed for causing adolescent sleep deprivation. It is actually a bit untrue. There are many factors, which come into playing with affecting an adolescent's sleep schedule. 

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