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If I Were The President of Indonesia (Regarding the Coronavirus)

6 April 2020   18:22 Diperbarui: 6 April 2020   18:35 5 0 0 Mohon Tunggu...

If I were the president, I wanted the people to know my thoughts about the corona virus. I want them to know my true thoughts regarding the corona virus, I want them to know that the whole republican is struggling, struggling to be alive, struggling on financial crisis, worried on every single day that one of our loved one would not make it through this awful pandemic.

I wanted them to know that we are all in this together, everyone in the whole world is in this together. We are all struggling ... to be alive... to be saved... and to protect our loved ones. But as the president of Indonesia, it is the president's duty to keep it's people alive. But I can't do it by myself. I need the people's help, I need the people of Indonesia to help me to keep all of the citizens safe. 

To be honest, if I were the president, I wouldn't  know what to do. I don't know what I should do. To be frank, I don't think any of us would know what's the right thing to do. It'll be easy to just force everyone to stay at home or lock down every house to stop the virus from spreading. But this country stands strong today because of democracy. 

If I force people, what will Indonesia become? I also know that we all have needs, we need to work, we need supplies, and we need many things more in order to live. And I know that it's not my call to stop you from having them (unless it is written by law), but if I don't force the people of Indonesia, then this virus will keep on spreading throughout the country and we'll be in more serious situation then it is now. So what am I supposed to do?

If I am the president, I don't wanna be the president... I better off being a 17th year old, spending my time with my family and not worrying about any of this pandemic crisis. I know one thing. That I really respect the president, it takes a lot of dedication to be one, they need a strong spirit and mind to be able to move it's country, let alone the time that they are willing to risk for the country. 

Even if sometimes the government may seem like they're not doing their job very well, we should still respect their decision, I mean complain as you will but don't offend them. Sooo... this is my essay about " If I Were The President of Indonesia (regarding the corona virus) ''. And if I were to say my opinion... listen or maybe we should confront, say your opinion and let's find a way out together. It's a team battle, don't expect to win if we are fighting against each other. And pray that we'll be winning, because I'm sure that "this storm will pass".

let's all work together to stay alive guyss :D