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nineteen yearsold girl? No I'm not haha now I'm 26 young woman right :P I'm still as teaser as messy as loner as always Wondering around about world n still as imaginative as I wish could really made a novel but end with another cheesy poetry but I enjoy it, I hope it makes people glad too See ya




Write Your world

20 Juni 2017   09:27 Diperbarui: 20 Juni 2017   09:46 40 0 0

The bloom of the roses n calming mind

Having the past of your breath still stuck

I pick up this dirty jacket

Your old phone

N this nostalgic song, only to see

You left like autumn


No matter years passed 

This scar still there

No matter smile you had

This heart never be glad

Sound, mind, n sea

Three time more scary than your memories

Why is it, 


Looking out the window

Like hoping for none

Sing aloud your sorrow

Like the day would end now

Hugging thus pillow

Right no one else would come


Where's this tears will end

Who's, person that always smile 

at the middle of your road 

Which is time should I choose to take so make it great

I count time, for me

.. meeting you

By craZ as Hikaru