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Two years ago, this incident was actually quite brief. We were friends at the time, and I wasn't really a very sociable person, but I wasn't a picky eater either. The meeting was also very short, only a few hours we met but we have strong chemistry. I rarely admit things like that, I think making friends is fun, well because I was fooled too often and made fun of when I was in school, so I think we are very compatible. However, what is happening right now states with absolute certainty, that making friends is a bad thing. Especially for my personal life.

Yes, I say it's bad, but to myself. I shouldn't have friends, I shouldn't believe the crazy opinions of fans thinking we're good friends. It's the craziest thing in my life when my best friend doesn't think so. I'm two years older than her and I consider myself like her older sister, which I shouldn't have done. We talked about a lot of things, including very personal things -hers- while I, the introvert, just told an absurd story that I experienced in the last two years. Especially love. I thought it was a very facial thing because we were teenagers at the time, but as each day, the closer we got, I realized, if we didn't need to share such details, every day.

She says it's a dream which she couldn't achieve, she says family matters that shouldn't be exposed, she says how bad her family is, she also says things she shouldn't say about her parents. It hurts me, really, no matter how bad what happened between you and your family, no one should know. But she did and it made me think, there's something wrong with this friend of mine. Every time she told stories, she always said bad things about her family, we had only known her for 1 year and she started to be rude.

She always uses commands and harsh words that he shouldn't use when talking to older people, but she calls me that. At that time I thought, we are friends and that's a natural thing. But then, the second thing happened. She visited my house for the first time, I couldn't possibly kick her out because her house was quite far away and I considered her my friend. We talked about our favorite idols, maybe that's the favorite part as long as I've known her.

"Please take me to this address." The place she was going to was not far from my house, it took her half an hour to get there. At that time we arrived at half-past five in the afternoon, we stopped five meters from the house she wanted to visit, this is the part I don't understand, we waited until it got dark and she asked me to keep calling her bf to pick us up. His house is only five meters away! When her boyfriend came to pick us up with his friend, she said "He forced me to come here."

Inside I cursed, but I still remember, we are friends. "When did I ask you to?" But I keep saying in my head, that's what actually happened, I never forced her to visit that place, it was reversed! We finally arrived at her boyfriend's house at half-past six in the afternoon. I've been sitting on the grass for over an hour just for such a nuisance, but then again I'm not complaining. That's my stupidity.

At seven o'clock Mom started calling me and I started to feel uncomfortable with the condition, I whispered softly beside her ear, "let's go home, it's getting late." But she didn't listen and continued her courtship. What's the point of me there?! Ah, right, I'm the driver who drove her.

At half-past eight, I asked her to go again, but again she ignored me and continued her activity, while my mother kept calling and asking me to come home. It was really the first time I went out of the house at night, because my father was quite strict and forbade all his children to come home late, while the clock was running and the time was getting late. Honestly, at that time I started to panic because I was afraid of being scolded by my father. At eight-fifteen I decided to go home, I said, "if you want to stay I'm fine, but I have to go now." I said goodbye after that, I went home and left her at her boyfriend's house. I know this is unethical, moreover, it was also their first meeting, and staying at the man's house is not natural.

The next day, when I woke up and opened my phone to check my class schedule, she texted me at eight, ten minutes before I woke up. I didn't open it right away, because my lectures were more important. I saw what my classmates had been talking about all night, then left my phone to wash my face. After washing my face and turning on the laptop, I took my phone again to connect WhatsApp to the WhatsApp web. After that, I just opened the message she sent to me.

She asked me to take the sanitary pads to the place yesterday I dropped her off, this is crazy!! I mean, there's a shop there and she can buy her own pads, but she's asking me to take them there?! The distance is half an hour!! I'm starting to dislike the way she talks.

I lied then, I did as she did before, lied. I said that day I had to go to the dentist, not really a lie, but for some reason, I canceled the appointment. I was at home all day, but I told her I was going to see the dentist to treat my cavities. Until ten o'clock at night she still forced me to come there and pick her up, ten o'clock at night?! I was busy with my duties and she kept on bossing me around like a boss. She called me at that time.

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